Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i am..

what do you think? hahaha well, due to my illness, i really can't concentrate on anything everything. like this. what in the hell am i typing (you wouldn't type that moron)?

Last night, yeah, last night. everyone may have experienced it right? when you're in a very bad condition like:
- my my. i can't feel a thing. AM I GONNA DIE?? NOOOOO!!!!
- damn these sickness. why can't I get better than this? F*CK (you won't even think of saying that)
- *plop plop plop* how to sleep like this? i can't even breath properly. huhuhu

...and the stories go on and on. Now, tell me, do you even be grateful when you're healthy? Perhaps YES and perhaps NO.

Well well. What can I say? that's my feeling when I get sick. Get well soon to myself

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