Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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What I have in mind? Currently

I'm too busy living as a student. Attend the class, doing the assignments (on time and/or not), getting into a discussion, going for a trip (as I'm a Tourism student) and TRY TO FINISH MY RESEARCH PAPER ON TIME!

What am I going to do in the future?

First thing first, I have to finish my study, go for industrial training, graduate, find a job, and get married. Simple? Nahhh. It requires a lot of effort and brain damage. HAHAH!

k bai

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fat tummy, chiseled body

used to be in my perfect shape in the university. that is on second semester if I'm not mistaken. perfect I mean not ripped abs, toned body, more to underweight =(

my perfect shape is when I was in good stamina, ideal weight, not to tall or short, just perfect. that is when I achieved 60+kgs. according to BMI it is ideal weight to my height. nice.

but then, after Syawal, in the 6th semester in the university where we have this 4 months of holiday (yay!), i tend to be more couch-friendly than sports-friendly. my used-to-be perfect shape had turned into flabby stomach, round face. like a doraemon. urgh! and I gain up to 70+kgs in that 4 months! wow

but yet again, with some motivation, i did some research in the internet, about how to this and that, and finally set a goal to achieve once again, the chiseled body (kind of).

the thing is i don't skip my meals. i do eat but in different portion. less rice is better, more veges and fruits. and now, once so called fit-to-waist pants was no more. now, i have to use belt. hahah!

insyaAllah in another month or two, or three, or few, i can achieved what i aim. lean muscles, perfect weight ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm 14 days late in the new year!

ya ya, I know.


dah besarang blog ku tok sik di update. fuhh

nak madah pa ou? aku nantik limak ari gik. mok balit sawak!

k bai