Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gig "Kamek Sayang Muzik..Ya Baruknya" Review =D

gig flyer

Remember that i will review 'bout this gig? Here i am. Sejurus selepas aku balik dari gig tersebut, aku buka laptop, upload gamba2 yang patut dan cuba ingat balik tentang gig tersebut.

Here, the story goes:

9th/hb may/mei 2009

actually i arrived at the gig later than the scheduled time, that is 2pm. the opening band, founding father is supposed to perform with ADUN (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri) Pelawan, Yb Vincent Goh. where else you're gonna find our Yb who gives full support of the gig, he even PLAYED a song in this very gig. perghhh. salute sama kamu. next election surely i'll vote for u (after i've registered =D). but too bad, i'm not at the event to see the performance. huh. gotta find someone who took vids of him playing.

approximately 5pm, after dashing through the heavy rain from my house. it's a miracle i didn't get wet at all (that's because i'm wearing raincoat, which been STOLEN after the gig. god bless whoever took it). well, here i am. at the Kamek Sayang Muzik..Ya Baruknya GIG. yeah~!

Luna's Puzzle

when i arrived, there is this band called Luna's Puzzle, going to perform. i can't recall what song they've played, but there is one single from their ep (i guess). i like it. why didn't u toss that free cd at me?

as you can see from the pic above, that's the crowd. there is a lot of people gather whenever there are free things offered. typical malaysian =D

next, we have..err..i wonder what's their band name. lemme check.

that's their band logo. every band, logo is a MUST in this gig

ou yeah. it's Madihah Wear Scarf. wonder where they got that name. surely not the vocalist who wears that scarf thingy named MADIHAH. old story perhaps?=D
right, 'bout their performance. i love it. got that reggae2 and a doze of jazz, voila! their band emerges from the deep. hohoho =P

up next, Kita. seriously, it's KITA. before that i asked the dude next to me.
"eh, band pa pastok aa?"
"band KITA"
"huh? bila gik ku da men band ngan kau"
"bukan ya la. nama band aa KITA. paham ngerti?"
caliiiii. heheheh they're good in playing the music but not very good in controlling the crowd. the crowd just went ahhhhh, niceeeeee something liddat, with open-mouthed expression. geddit? sorry dude. it's just a review. not gonna make ur band went into 7 feet underground =)
1st song, i think its from HUJAN, Ku Mahu Kau Tahu. me likey. guess there were Raingers in this gig as i heard them sing along. maybe. other songs i can't recall. my bad =(

elektrograsi sterio muzik

ahhh. after long wait, finally this band's gonna perform. they called themselves Elektrograsi Sterio Muzik. kinda well-known in Kampua Town nowadays for their well-done performance. separuh masak tak main laa. heheh. 1st song, cover from Estrella, Stay. i love this song. i love this song when played by them. their main attraction, well, the vocalist who makes the crowd sit tight and watch them play. hahahahahaa =))

another pic of the band. guess you're not satisfied with the 1st one =)
see the crowd? can't take their eyes off the vocalist. hahahahaha

another pic of their band. hey, i'm not bias. it's just too many to review on this band, and they're my friend's. gotta review more on them. support! hahaha see that guy with the bass guitar? i really admire him because well..he played beautifully, and he is LEFT-HANDED. really kick those who played RIGHT-HANDED in the arse. perghhh. gonna train harder! =D

still, the same band. hey, don't get mad at me. i still wanna review them. heh. this time, he puts away the acoustic guitar. time for electric. and the song? HUJAN. it's like a sign u know. i nearly got wet on the way to the gig and some of the bands i review is covering the song from HUJAN. niceee. anyway, they covered the song Dugaannya. love it. check out the lyrics. quite hillarious. sarawakian sure do know what it takes to be well-known.

Despise Puppets

haa now you'll be relieved. because it's Despise Puppets's time. heheh. i'm really looking forward to review this band. later you'll know =)
this band, well, my friends' band. consist of 4 dudes, 1 girl. played a long time ago(minus the girl member), have a break, and went into a gig after a long break. kinda like a reunion. hohoho
1st song, cover from Simple Plan, Perfect. nice choice of song. why? because the crowds sing along with them! those who didn't hear to Simple Plan before, go dig your own grave!

next song, cover from Avril Lavigne, Sk8er Boi. waaaa. i love this song. whoever covers this song should play to the max. as i didn't want them to ruin that song. my favourite song, long ago. this time, they got the girl member of the band, Abi, to sing for them. like i said, it's not disappointed at ALL. love u GUYS, GIRL =D
and the last of of their performance, cover from Jinbara, Kasihnya Laila. hahaha nicely done. the crowd went wilddddddddddd. feels just like Sintok, where the monkeys wildly roaming. wahahahahaha =))
before that, why am i so eager to review this band? i'll tell u. see that white guitar used by the male vocalist? it's mine =) eventhough i didn't perform in this gig, my guitar was used. i'm so proud of u Brownsville (my guitar's brand).

Kaset Kosong

next, it's Kaset Kosong. not much to review because i tend to get yawn when they played. seriously, i didn't know what song they covered, that's why i get bored. sorry =D


next is, whoaaaaaaaaaaa. Anum. another band that makes the crowd go..hooo ahhhhh. again. u get it. the vocalist is female. the crowd tend to get a weird behaviour when they are female vocalist. hahaha. i like this band. one of the well-known band in Sibu. if you don't know, anum is actually water in melanaus. catchy, and easy to pronounced. nice band name =)
1st song, cover from......skip, because i can't recall. haha that's why i really need a notebook when reviewing this kinda of gig. hoho maybe next time. the next song, i think it's melanaus. love it. last song, cover from Cokelat, Karma. niceeee

another pic of Anum in case you're not satisfied. enough drooling already? wipe up lads. ho yeah. for this pic i change my position from the other side of the stage to almost-to-the-stage position. heheheheh =D it's for a clearer view bah. and clearer pics

Founding Father

ahah! this one's my favourite. a band who called themselves Founding Father. whyy? because i think all of them had children. so. it really suits them. thehehhehehe =D
this is considered as an OTAI band (is otai really in the dictionary? nevermind) by the locals. becauseeee. well, u have to see it to believe it. mouth-opening-cannot-be-shut-during-their-performance is the only way to describe them. 1st and last song, it's a cover song from Iron Maiden. i think the 1st song is Phantom of The Opera. maybeeee. hohoho i really hope that they play Fear of The Dark someday. i'll wait. 1st glance, i could tell that they're playing Iron Maiden because uncle Mail (lead guitarist, vocalist) played his guitar like they are one! perghhhh. saluteee

can u see the boy holding the mic? that's the element of surprise for the day. he actually brought his 6years old son up to the stage to sing the 2nd song, Pawana by Search. i guess musician really runs in their family.

Fun Guy Freaks

yeah yeah. last review of this post. u guys really freaks me out! hahahaahaha well-known band. one of the organiser of this very gig. thanks! they are Fun Guy Freaks. behold! heheh 1st song by Butterfingers, don't know which one, 2nd one by The Times, also didn't know which one. hahahaa too focus that's why i can't recall. wahahahha

haa this one. uncle mail performed with his son (the lead guitar) and nephew (rhythm guitar). cover from Meet Uncle Hussein, Lagu Untukmu. if he compete in Juara Lagu surely he'll kick other competents arses right across the south china sea and Faizal Tahir would not get his best vocals award. i bet that. hahahahah

about 8pm. i leave gig. after some hellos, goodbyes and goodjobs to the crew, i step out from the hotel, with a great satisfaction. really well-done u guys. this post is dedicated to the crew member and for those who will continue their studies in Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan, Rawiey and Afiq, i wish u good luck.

cheerio =D


  1. thnx 4 ur compliments gndowt
    tharu~ haha
    lak soh dak len bc wak

    -pzah- :P

  2. welkamm~ hahaha oritee. pomot2. ngeee

  3. i luv yr blog! wahaha..anyway..sapa raingers ada sia tek? mok juak tauk.. =D

  4. thanks! hahaha netauk juak koh. rami ilak org. bpangkak idong bh. ngaaa. nway. spa ka yg mengomen? perkenalkn drik lok. shiktauk menauk sy org yg mengomen lam ctok. hahahha