Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ya Baruknya The GIG Vol 2

..which I'm not gonna review, BECAUSE I'M NOT IN SIBU AT THIS MOMENT! HAHAHAHAA anyway anyhow, this actually a second version of the last year's gig which had the same name. ermm, seems this could be an annual event for Sibuian rockers-hoppers-music-lovers. Right? Like Rock the World that usually held in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, why don't we choose a fixed place for this event? Someday it would be hallmark. Don't you like it? With free entrance, where else can you watch a gig with a free entrance? At least the ticket is below RM10 but this is INCREDIBLE! FREE GIG! phew. not only it is held at hotel ballroom (I guess) which gonna cost the host a LOT of money. Yeah. A LOT. But with mere sponsorship that is not a problem. Thank God for having such a caring and loving and supporting YB(s) =D

The place is for me quite suitable. Cosy crowded is what suits the name GIG. Hopefully this gig will evolve into CONCERT then we held it at Sibu Town Square. With our supportive YBs, that shouldn't be a problem, right? =D

and..I didn't know how many bands participate, because I don't have the data. Can say maybe more or less like last year's gig. ONE whole day gig. phew~

err can I comment bout the flyer? (it's my blog so I can say whatever I want) XD ehem. It's simple and nice. Like everyone said, simpler is better. But still if we want to organise a gig, we MUST have something that could really attract the people. Like the flyers, the promotion must be good. Don't hesitate to waste money to get a real good flyers because promotion is the main thing or should I say the backbone of the good gig? metaphorically speaking

and one more, credit to this flyer..and the organizer of the gig of course. Like I said, we start as a toddler, who knows in the future we're gonna ROCK Malaysia's Music Industry.

Ya Baruknya The Gig Vol 2. I love it =)