Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home, I'm not home yet. Still staring at my laptop in my room in UUM. pfffffftttt~ Anyway guys, I've less than a month before coming back to my hometown. Waaaaa. Love it! Love it! Most of all I got to spend my time with my friends back in town. God knows how much I miss you guys.

Furthermore, I'm gonna spend my holidays wisely, as, maybe, or I think at this end of year, I won't be back at my hometown. Quite busy lately, being almost-last-year student, lots of programme to participate. They are few major events for next semester, a concert, and climbing Mount Kinabalu trip organized by Kor Suksis UUM. With the others as well. Frankly speaking, I'M BUSY! huhuhu

So, see you guys later, in Sibu, and see you guys again, in Kuching and lastly back in Uni.

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  1. Tahniah, anda sudah kena tagged.. Ketahui maklumat lanjut di blog kamek. XD